Participation FormS

We all know that sometimes things get tough financially, and there's no worse time for tough things than the holidays! That's why the Angel Tree is so special for our group!
Please be sure and read all of the information below:

- Please have BOTH PARTICIPANT FORMS below submitted to us by NOVEMBER 1.
You can submit your Information Form and then follow up with the Wish List Form when you have time to gather them.

- This year, instead of a general wish list, we're asking for 3-4 links to items that can be found on Amazon.

- Because this is a special effort to take care of our group members and their sweet children, all participants will need to be active group members.

If you would like to nominate someone for us to reach out and offer help, you can submit their information below.  Please do not fill out the participant forms for anyone other than yourself.


Participant Information Form

Name *
Address where gifts will go *
Address where gifts will go

Participant wish list form

Name *
Please include the wishlists and information for each individual child below. Remember, we are asking for Amazon links for each wish list item. Please provide 3-4 items for each child. Boy, age 6 Girl, age 7