Angel Tree

Here's what you'll need to know:
Please read all of the info!

- To pick a gift to send, simply click on the gift, and add it to your giving cart.  Once you've finished 'check out', you'll receive a download link to access the address you'll need to send your gift.  
You do NOT have to enter any credit card information during 'check out'!
(No one would have access to it, but it's just not necessary) 

- If you're giving multiple gifts, you'll probably want to do them as separate 'orders' This will ensure you'll know which address pdf goes with which gift. When in doubt, reach out to Katie Bradford Osborne or Ashlee Geesaman.

- The prices of individual gifts vary.  Please ensure that you're comfortable with the price point of your gift before you commit to it!

- Keep an eye on your email and other folder! Should a gift be grabbed by two people at the same time (somehow this happens every year, especially the first couple of days the Angel Tree is up!) Ashlee or Katie will need to contact you!

- All gifts must be sent via Amazon by December 15, 2017 to ensure Christmas arrival!

- Once you have sent your gift, email with either tracking numbers or your forwarded Amazon receipt.  We'll keep in touch with our recipients to make sure it gets there. 

- If you would like to adopt an entire family, please contact Katie Bradford Osborne.   

- Donations can be made using the Paypal Donation button below!  All money collected will be used to ensure every child receives a gift!

Our amazing group is what it is because of the amazing, thoughtful, generous members like YOU!

CLICK HERE for the list!