It's time to build! (And here's what's in store!)

I've been a little radio-silent about work here since moving to Houston.  I took some time off before my daughter started Kindergarten, and then once she started Kindergarten... we started home schooling! 

So that was an unexpected addition to my usual juggling!  In fact, it was this addition that sparked the realization that I needed to simplify.  I've always put being a mom first and still been able to superwoman my way through up until now.  But THIS.  My daughter's education, all in my hands! THIS is huge! I can't scale that back or drag it around with me.  But I also can't stop.  I have a passion, and it would also be a disservice to my daughter to show her that it's okay to give that up.

So I dug deep.  WHAT do I love to do the most? HOW can I build a business that speaks to my true passion? WHAT is my real passion? What's at the base of everything I do?


And here's what I came up with:
Empowering Women 

That shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.  It certainly wasn't to me.  But I let go of a lot and decided it was past time to fully create my business around that passion.  I want to continue building my photography that already spoke to empowering women (I just have to restart it, because, well, relocation.)  And I want to build a business that truly empowers other creative businesswomen to build businesses they can LOVE and believe in as much as I believe in The Roaring Artist. 

I've offered design and branding for years now, so this isn't really something that's new to me.  But what I've found along the way is that I could create a million beautiful logos and marketing pieces, but if they're not built for a solid brand, then it won't matter!  There will be excitement driving things forward for a while, but that quickly falls flat.  Because outside of the aesthetics, nothing changes!  And businesses are definitely not a case of 'if you build it, they will come.' THEY will not! They won't even see you!

I'm not hanging up my design hat completely, but the focus is changing from design to branding consultation.  I'll be working on a blog that speaks to branding for creative businesswomen and opening up consultation packages, along with WHAT YOU SEE ABOVE!  An interactive guidebook for a branding course for creative businesswomen!  It's still in production, but it's already turning into a product that I am so, SO proud of!  I can't WAIT to get this in the hands of other creative businesswomen! And so to help me with that...

Enter to WIN an advanced copy of
The Roaring Brand below!

And STAY TUNED! There's SO much more to come!!

Posted on February 4, 2016 .