A New Year, A New Stitch Fix - January 2016 Stitch Fix Box

It's Stitch Fix tiiiiiiiime!!

This month, my usual stylist was on vacation, so I had a stand-in stylist, 
I asked for something fun for my birthday month and opened it up to jewelry and bags.  Usually I have in my style profile that I don't want either of those... but, hey- birthday Fix! And I do think Kelly listened to what I asked for! This Fix wasn't quite my top... in fact, I think it's a 1/5 this time.  But frankly, I still enjoyed trying on these pieces! There wasn't a single piece I was disgusted by.  I'm just at the point where I'm only keeping things I LOVE, and these fell just a smidge short of that.  But anyway! Enough chat! I'll show you!

Pixley Margo Embellished Shoulder Blouse

I asked for some glitter... here it is!! And it's actually kind of cute! If you've read a few of these things, you know how I feel about tab sleeve blouses, and look at those cute tabs! 
BUT. Maybe... just maybe... I have enough?
I'm still not sure that's possible.  But when I put this on, I just wasn't wowed. I think maybe I didn't love how the shoulders laid due to the metallic threading? 
I don't know.  To tell you the truth, I can't 100% figure out why I don't love this top.  It did go well with my cute gold belt.

Market & Spruce Brentwood Jersey Stripe Tiered Top

I think this is the winner.  I mean, it LOOKS like me, but I realized I actually don't have anything like it in my wardrobe! YAY!! I really loved the handkerchief hem.  And this.shirt.is.so.SOFT! Okay, that might be what sold me. 
I did love how it looks with the cute persimmon cords my husband got me from Anthro for Christmas, too.  That also helped. 

Gilli Anastasia Swing Skirt 

Kelly suggested I try the Market & Spruce tiered top with the skirt, and it did look pretty cute! Actually, the skirt was cute.  I would have kept it if I thought I would wear it.  I have a TON of skirts in my wardrobe, and although I love them, they probably constitute the lowest percentage of my actual wear.  So if I'm inviting a new one in, it needs to be one I KNOW I'll wear.  I just wasn't feeling that way about this one.  I thought about keeping it anyway... I mean, it's cute! But I thought about using the money for something else I would actually want to wear, and I would just rather do that. 

Adrianna Papell Phiona Dress & Nakamol Palmetto Fringe Beaded Collar Necklace

This dress was cute and flattering and HAS POCKETS!  And frankly, if it were plain red or something like that, it would have been a no-brainer! I just couldn't make myself love the pattern! I mean, I like moody florals... but this just didn't strike me quite right. 
I think it's because all I could think was that if I had more conservative southern weddings to go to, this would be a great addition to my closet. 
But I don't... so I won't. 
Also the necklace.  I actually LOVELOVELOVE the necklace! Kelly suggested I try it with this dress, and it actually looks awesome!  But I could make it.
I KNOW!! I need to buy stuff, anyway, because WILL I make it? 
Well, actually, that's usually a good argument.  Both because I usually say it and never do it and because I don't ever copy designs.  But I just couldn't talk myself into buying this one.  I might go buy myself a 31Bits necklace for my birthday, because I can't replicate those, and I LOVE them! 

And that's it! THANK YOU, Kelly, if you read this! I think you really did a great job, and your note was so sweet! This is totally a 'it's me and not you' month. 

And those happen sometimes.  But Stitch Fix is still just plain awesome. :) And if you read my reviews and decide to try it yourself (DO IT! DO IT!), please please pretty please use my referral link by clicking on one of the photos above! It doesn't cost you any extra, but Stitch Fix gives me a nice little credit for inviting you. :) And if you're still wondering what in the world this is... check out my first Stitch Fix post where I went into minute detail like I love to do!

And whereas usually I would be saying "I'll see you next month!"... I actually have a lot of new stuff coming with The Roaring Artist.  It's 2016, and it's time to get this Houston party started! So I'll see you back here SOON! And I CAN'T WAIT!!

Posted on January 7, 2016 .