Stitch Fix Fun! - October Stitch Fix Review

So here's the thing: I LOVE Stitch Fix! For a boho-vintage-loving girl, I'm finding a ton of pieces that are a lot of fun and great quality!  Up until this point, I have confidently been adding pieces that I'm LOVING to wear! 
And then there was this month.  Is it a 5/5 like last month? Or should I just pass on all of it? I.DON'T.KNOW! After doing the photoshoot for my review, I have a good idea, though.  What do YOU think?

First off, if you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about (Stitch Fix? What's that?!) check out last month's blog post! It was my first Stitch Fix blog post, and I went into detail.  But to make a long story short, it's a box subscription that sends you 5 pieces.  If you love them all, you can keep them all with a 25% discount, and if you hate them, you can send them back! (Or you can keep anything you DID love!)  Last month, I kept it all! The month before that, I kept 3 pieces.  So I've felt pretty good about my Fixes so far.

This month, I started off a little confused.  See, every month, along with your 5 pieces, your stylist sends you a little message.  Up until this month, my stylist has been Sonjya, but this month I got a note saying that Jennifer was my stylist, because Shannon was on vacation. ?? 
I have no idea what that's about.  I adore Sonjya, so I do plan to make sure that was a typo.  But in the meantime, I think Jennifer did a good job! She chose pieces that made it obvious to me that she had spent some time with my Pinterest Board, which I love! (I mean, I spend a long time on that thing!) 

And here's what she picked!

Pixley Bixby Bird Print Tab Sleeve Blouse

I wanted this shirt from the first time I saw it.  In fact, I pinned it twice! In the Stitch Fix Facebook groups, they refer to this sort of thing as their 'unicorn'... well, this shirt was my unicorn! 
And then I got it!  I was SO excited to see it pop up on my shipment list!  But once I got my hands on it, I was disappointed.  The material is kind of terrible.  It feels a little bit like thin parachute material.  But it's still just SO cute!  So I'm keeping it, anyway.  It turns out I'm not terribly textile sensitive. ;) 

41Hawthorn Rosa Tab Sleeve V-Neck Blouse in Olive

So this blouse... I can't decide! When my husband first saw it, he wrinkled his nose.  Then I put it on, and he said, "Okay, actually that looks really good on you." And I think it does... but it's SO olive!  Olive is huge this fall, and I'm enjoying incorporating pops of it. (Ha! Who else thinks olive is a 'pop' of color?) like how I styled the great leather detail skirt later on.  But a totally olive blouse is another thing.  I've been going back and forth on this since I saw it, and I'm STILL not sure if I'm going to keep this blouse or sell it to someone who does olive a little better than I do! 

Mystree Marnee Open Cardigan

When I first saw this cardigan, I knew I was going to love it, and I just KNEW I wouldn't keep it.  Like my husband said, it's essentially the fraternal twin of the 14 other sweater cardigans I own, all in a range from grey to black.  But then I saw the mix of patterns and it's just so ME! So I'm keeping it.  But I'm getting rid of about 4 sweaters in its place.  I mean, realistically, I live in Texas.  This will be exactly the weight I need for most of winter, but I don't need a thousand of them! 
But I do need this one.  It even has pockets! 

41Hawthorn Masha Blazer

I looooove blazers! I wear them often when there's a chill in the air.  They're so great to throw over a tank or short-sleeve shirt and dress up an outfit! (You know I'm not a jeans and t-shirt girl)
But you know what I did't actually own? A navy blazer.  Well, now I do! And it's super nice, too! I ADORE the big, shiny, gold buttons and the red piping on the inside! (That you can't actually see...) 
Stitch Fix is doing good things for the 'navy' section of my wardrobe. 

41Hawthorn Masie faux Leather Panel Pencil Skirt

This is another piece that I saw listed and was pretty sure I wouldn't keep.  I already have a black pencil skirt, and I wear it a lot.  Then I put it on and realized this is totally the upgraded version!  I have a feeling I'll wear it almost as much! 
It's more high-waisted on me than I think it's actually made to be (super short girl here), which I like.  I probably will get it hemmed a bit, though.  But anything that calls out to me to style it with a vintage riding hat HAS to be a good wardrobe addition. ;) 

So there you have it! My October Fix! I'm already looking forward to November's Fix!  I think I might be hosting an Unboxing Party with other Houston area Stitch Fix Fiends (I totally just made that up! Ha!) and I KNOW that's going to be fun!  

And if you're interested in doing it, too, I would love it if you click on one of the photos or links!  It takes you to Stitch Fix using my referral code, and when you get your first Fix, I'll get a $25 credit.  You don't pay any extra- it's just a little something special Stitch Fix likes to do... and then you'll get your own referral code to share with friends! And if you do it, let me know!! I can't wait to chat fashion with you!

(PS- If you decide to do it, go register for the giveaway from one of my favorite Stitch Fix bloggers! )


Posted on October 3, 2015 .