Going Back To Your Passion - Denver Boudoir, Maternity, Empower Her Portraits

The title kind of says it all.

When it comes up in conversation, I generally tell people what I do like this: "I'm an artist.  I do photography, logo design and such for other artists, and I also have a line of mixed media art."

That's a lot to take in, so most people narrow in on the thing that they already know how to respond to.

"Oh! I have a good-friend/second-cousin/step-brother who is a photographer! What kind of photography do you do?"

Lately I've been saying, "I've been making a change to JUST shooting women"

They say, "But why would you limit yourself to just women?"

Usually I just smile and reply, "I decided to just specialize in what I'm the best at."

But that's the over-simplified version of why I'm specializing in JUST shooting women, and since this is my (often abandoned) blog, I think this is a good place to delve into this subject a little more.  I'm specializing in shooting women because I have a true passion for it, because I want to be able to market JUST for it, and because, yeah- it's what I'm best at. 

I have a passion for this.

I go into detail a little more on my own story on my website under Empower Her portraits, but to sum it up- a photo shoot helped me find myself again after becoming a mother (because Alix Passage is a genius).  That's why I've started my Empower Her portrait program- because I KNOW how important this could be for others women, too. 

I've shot women who have been through divorce and disease, women who want to find themselves again after becoming a mother, and women who just plain understand how important it is to capture yourself at all points in your life, because life is fleeting.  Your grandchildren will treasure these pictures more than you know! In fact, one of my repeat clients brought an album of pictures to her shoot of her beloved grandmother that captured the beauty queen her grandmother was in her younger years.  She loved being able to imagine her grandmother that way, and wanted to give that same experience to her grandchildren. 

As moms and just as women, we often hide from the camera while spending hours in front of the mirror focusing on every wrinkle and extra pound.  But after a photo shoot, there are these pictures.  And just as my photo shoot with Alix keeps reappearing as my Facebook pic after almost 2 years, those pictures will be there to remind you that you're beautiful and brave and simply amazing. 


I want to market for this.

It's hard to market when you do a little of everything.  And since I'm a busy person (I don't just mean I have a lot on my schedule- I mean I'm constantly DOING something.) I'm never going to be able to narrow down to just one art to do.  So being able to at least narrow in on what I love in the category that is my greatest passion- photography- is a real help in that aspect.  Instead of being a photographer who does a little of everything, I'm a photographer who does ONE thing and does it well.  And so that thing that is SO special and important to me- shooting women- is at the forefront of my business. 

That's not very interesting, I know.  Who cares about my marketing.  But it's obviously important for building a thriving business, so it certainly factors in!


This is what I'm BEST at.

I can take a decent picture of just about anything.  Many photographers can.  But photography is a BIG field.  We might all use cameras, but that's where the similarities end.  And even within portraiture, a newborn shoot is different than a senior portrait shoot is different than a boudoir shoot is different than an engagement shoot.  

Well, I'm best at shooting women.  Maybe it's because I'm sensitive to my own flaws and I AM a woman.  Maybe it's because I'm a pretty upbeat person- I tend to see the beauty in others and not the flaws.  Maybe it's just a special God-given gift.  Maybe it's a mix of all of these things.  But whatever it is, it's my best talent.  And loving it as much as I do, (and pretty much being an artist down to my core) I've been able to develop my own style within this niche that is what really sets me apart from other photographers.  

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen

From here on out, I shoot women.  And if you're a woman interested in a BoudoirMaternity, or Empower Her session or if you're interested in purchasing a gift certificate for a friend or loved one who totally deserves a photo shoot just for her, contact me! I can't wait to meet you! 

Posted on November 26, 2013 .