Ana Gray, Ninja Baby! -- Philadelphia Fine Art Portraiture

The other day Ana Gray and I had a little adventure- a super quick shoot before the rain could descend on us out on South Street here in Philly.  She's always so much fun to shoot, even though she's got to this stage where she'll only look at the camera for the first 10 minutes of the shoot and if I happen to do something that she thinks is REALLY funny. 

I really had no idea how much fun it was to shoot children until she came along. 

I seriously cannot get enough of my kiddo. She's AWESOME.  Not bragging- just a fact. ;)

But at the very least, I think we all have to agree she's darn cute! 

Now before I get sappy about how much I adore my little drama queen, I'll let you see the results of our impromptu shoot for yourself!

That's my favorite... so her! 

Posted on June 15, 2011 .