Philadelphia Gallery Event - My Work From The Women of Heart Gallery Show

Wow! It's been a full month + a day since I have been here! But believe me, I was BUSY! :) Last Wednesday's Women of Heart Gallery Event was AH.MAZING

A big moment! -- Me, with my mixed media work in the foreground

I'll have a full recap for you guys sometime very soon when I have all the pictures (I was in them, so I wasn't taking them this time- that was the awesome Heather DiPiazza and Jenna Walcott! And there is actually a wonderful recap on the Photo Betties blog- you should check that out!) but for now, I want to share my own art from the show. 

 There were actually two small bodies of my work at the show- the Women of Heart portraits that were my favorites from the minisessions that were done in October as well as a mixed media series that I was excited to show for the very first time! So this is definitely going to be a two-post thing! First up: The Women of Heart Portraits!

Women of Heart portraits displayed at the gallery event   








  If you've been following along since Women of Heart got its start, you know that the first step was a series of minisessions of my Portrait of a Woman fine art portrait program that I offered in October with the profits from each session going to the Cancer Support Community of Philadelphia

Portrait of a Woman is about empowering women to see their beauty regardless of age, weight, and other insecurities.  So puting aside their own insecurities, each of these women, some of whom are photographers themselves, stepped in front of my camera.  I hope they see, as you do, how beautiful they are! They truly were the ones Becoming Art For A Cause!



Katie wanted to do an urban shoot, and I jumped at the chance to be her paparazzi for the evening :) I followed her around Center City Philadelphia, finding some hidden nooks and crannies like this rooftop view.

Katie looked like a fascinating woman out of time in her one-shoulder animal print dress. (Literally, animal print dress. There are animals on the print of her dress. I love it!) and her antique Roaring 20's era hat- that you just might recognize from a certain logo present at the top of the page! 

Katie, I had a blast hanging out with you in Center City! You are awesome in front of the camera! I hope you had half the fun I did, and I hope you enjoy your photos for years to come!




From the first I talked to Rae, it was clear this would be a glamorous, but natural shoot.  Reason being, Rae is a glamorous, but natural kind of woman.  I have a feeling that whether it was last week or two hundred years ago, Rae would be the most beautiful girl in the room.








And she's an amazing mom to two beautiful little girls- a side of femininity she really wanted to portray in her shoot. 




So I tried to catch it all! And I was really struck by a portrait where Rae is perhaps the smallest element in the frame standing amidst the towering trees, but her femininity and beauty are absolutely undeniably what the portrait is about! 





When Pamela and I first chatted about how she saw herself and what type of art she could see herself being, a picture started forming in my mind- and hers, too, I think!- of this beautiful, classic, natural woman. Sort of a modern take on the classic Renaissance paintings of women in nature.  As we chatted on and on, we added in a gorgeous sweater and some of her favorite books- things that just perfectly suit who Pamela is. 

There is a story with these rocks! I love it when my models are more brave than I am! Pamela saw this gorgeous rock in the middle of the stream and said, "I HAVE to get on that rock!" And I'm so glad she did! It wasn't easy getting to it through the slippery, cold stream, but it was definitely worth it! 



Doreen is really no stranger to photo shoots. She's a classically trained singer with a full performance schedule. In fact, you may already know her! But if you don't, you should! I'm so glad that I met her! Doreen is beautiful, inside and out, and I am definitely a fan! You can find her on Facebook or through her website!

But for our shoot, you can find her in a HUGE abandoned building! Now, this is a brave woman! She traipsed through broken glass and huge puddles, maneuvering around old spray paint cans and Heaven-only-knows what else! She even posed in what was once a bathroom! So actually, brave is an understatement!

But it was so, SO worth it! What a gorgeous place in all of its broken down nature! (I'm not telling you guys where it is. Guess you'll just have to book a Portrait of a Woman session of your own, and I'll take you there... with a blindfold. Hahaha!) We laughed, we talked, we took a gorgeous picture or two (MILLION), we had SUCH a blast! Shooting was so much fun, and half the fun was just hanging out!

(P.S.- You'll be seeing Doreen again in a little bit when I post my mixed media pieces!) 



When Lauri and I first spoke about her shoot, she told me her vision was to be mother nature- goddess in the woods. LOVE.IT! But goddess in the woods could go in a lot of scary directions, so I was determined this shoot would be awesome and suit Lauri perfectly.  And I definitely think we pulled it off! My favorite (8 yards of) white fabric... Lauri's gorgeous self... a lovely fall day... it all came together perfectly! Lauri, I think you ARE a goddess! 


 And quite possibly a goddess who feels no cold! I was more than a little shocked when Lauri informed me she was going to find some water to get into.  But, as you can see, she did just that! And yes, it was chilly! But Lauri is a rockstar, and I'm sure that she did eventually get warm again ;) I KNOW it was worth it!



Coming up next: My mixed media pieces! Stay tuned!

Posted on November 12, 2011 .