Saying Goodbye

I have been absent the past couple of weeks- both from blogging and from shooting for the most part.  The reasons aren't happy ones, but I did spend almost two weeks back home with my family reminding myself what, or more appropriately WHO, is really important in my world. 

On June 24th, I got the call that my Grandmother had passed away.  I guess when you're close to your grandparents, you always kind of fear that call... and I wasn't just 'close' to my Grandmama.  I was blessed to have her in my life.  I had her name (Katie isn't short for anything, and I'm named for my Grandmama who was also a 'Katie- just Katie,') and I grew up with that special bond you have with someone who both loves you unconditionally and is one of the best people you know.  'Everyone loved her' is something you always hear when someone dies.  But it was true- she was a wonderful, sweet person.  

She was a strong person.  She was a graceful person.  She was a lovely person.  She was my Grandmama. 

I'm blessed that now I hold memories that are beautiful and special- mangoes in my stocking at Christmas, never just one hug and kiss good night,  her deep conviction that family was important and that I had "to love Joy- she's your sister.  Friends come and go, but you'll always have your sister." 

She's a huge part of the reason that regardless of distance- both physical distance and distance in personalities- my sister is my best friend.

So what is there to say when someone who is such a huge part of raising you and helping create the person you are is gone? I will miss her.  I already miss her SO much.  But I'm so thankful that I truly believe she's in Heaven and I will see her again one day- both she and my father.


Posted on July 8, 2010 .