The start of something exciting...


I have been The Roaring Artist for about ten years now.

It started as an umbrella under which I could throw anything- from photography (my start) to graphic design and branding for other creatives to a mixed media jewelry line, and eventually to the medium where everything came to a halt and I felt like I was home- abstract mixed media.

Some of my previous work in photography & jewelry art

Some of my previous work in photography & jewelry art

Through all of it, “The Roaring Artist” has been a source of confidence- a way of telling the world that although at the surface, I am a pocket-sized, soft-spoken person, I have things to ROAR. And my work always has!

But on this journey, it’s never been just about me. When I was starting out, figuring out what kind of photographer I was, it became quickly evident that all I wanted to photograph was women. And I wanted to photograph them in a way that they could see themselves as the powerful art I saw in them. I developed my branding and graphic design business to help other female creatives to grow their businesses in a way that was authentic to them. I started a professional organization- The Denver Photo Betties- to provide growth opportunities and community to the awesome female photographers of Denver.

Through time and self exploration, it’s become clear that photography and branding/graphic design were not things I ultimately wanted as my career. They aren’t really where my passion lies. But what has also become clear is that my career, my calling, and my big ambitions won’t be satisfied unless I bring other women along with me on the way up. And every step along the way has brought me to where I am now.

So now, as my confidence has grown in the work I am passionate about and I’ve felt myself developing my own artistic voice, I’m making a change. For the first time in my creative career, I’m Katie, just Katie - to be specific. It’s not a case of growing out of the name- it’s a case of coming into my own with my own name. After all, I’m still roaring louder than ever!

I’m not THE Roaring Artist. I’m A Roaring Artist.

My hope is that the The Roaring Artist will become a platform for me to pass the baton on to other female artists, so the world can hear their ROAR! I’ll start with introducing you to two emerging female artists a month- on the 15th and the 30th- from my current home in Houston and beyond. I’ll share their stories and their art with you. And my plan is that next September, I’ll bring as many of them together as I can for one majorly amazing Roaring Artists gallery show! And who knows where we can go from there!

If you’re a fellow artist, I hope you’ll find inspiration and community here.
If you’re a fellow art-lover, I hope you’ll come to meet some amazing creative womanpreneurs who you can support and follow.

Big things are coming for Katie Bradford Osborne and for The Roaring Artist. I can’t wait!! And I hope you’ll ALL come along on this crazy ride with me and share your own ROAR!