I shoot women.  

Every time I tell someone this, I get a reaction, and it's usually something like, "But why? Why would you only shoot one thing?"

The answer to that question is easy- I don't! I shoot women, and, honey, we contain multitudes!  It's my passion to capture that! But we also have a tendency to forget how important it is to step in front of the camera.

This is going to be a very different experience than you've had before.

Commission me for your Boudoir, Maternity, or Empower Her portraits, and you're in for an artistic, glamorous, editorial experience that I'll design just for you, including all the details from your makeover to the location to the end product!

Meet me for coffee, and we'll chat about the art you're dreaming of, featuring YOU!  After the shoot, you can invite your best girlfriends to have a glass of wine and view your collection with you.  The end result won't be a bunch of files on a disc, but rather a collection of ART that you will love for a lifetime! 

So call me up or CONTACT ME here with your amazing ideas!  Or just tell me what kind of art you would like on your walls, and we'll come up with something awesome!