Katie Bradford Osborne

A native of the Florida panhandle, Katie has left a piece of her heart everywhere she has lived- St Augustine, Florida, West Virginia, Philadelphia, Denver, and most recently, Houston, Texas.

Katie completed her business degree at the University of Florida and, after a year in a high rise in Philadelphia, she followed her heart to an art degree at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Although focused in photography, Katie credits her art education with opening her eyes to the idea of being an artist. She drank in lessons in color theory, drawing, design, art history, art psychology, and the elements of photography that she still sees pop up in her art.

After a successful career start in fine art portrait photography and branding design for other creatives, Katie once again followed her heart into mixed media art, starting with a jewelry line and eventually settling into her current practice of abstract art on canvas.

Below is some of Katie’s previous work in photography and jewelry design.