Hi! I'm Katie.

I'm a many media visual artist living and working in Houston, Texas- the "artist" behind The Roaring Artist. 

But even more than an artist, I'm a woman, a home school mommy, a wife.  Although you won't see those job titles on the work on a gallery wall, it's the beautiful art of life that inspires me!  It's the idea that life IS art with all its beauty and sadness, emotions and lines and colors.  Anyone can enjoy art, own art, do art, BE art!

Of course I hope you'll join me in MY art, whether you're a collector or the parent of a creative little individual who is craving more art in his or her life, but even more important to me is inspiring you to see art- and yourself!- in a different way!

For a little more information on my journey, check out my 'Meet the Artist' blog post or follow me on Instagram