Art Discovery Lab


Welcome to Art Discovery Lab!

I'm so excited to share my knowledge, but even moreso, my love of art with your child! My goal in art discovery lab is to allow them to work through tough concepts, create solutions, express themselves visually, and strengthen self esteem as we see all the wonderful things they're capable of doing with art! Art is hard work, but there's nothing like it!

In addition, I'm excited to add to your child's foundation of art knowledge and skills. There are wonderful things and people to learn about here!

We’ll be meeting at my residence for the Fall Semester:
1203 Roush Rd
Houston, TX 77077
On the corner of Roush Rd and Roaring Fork Rd in the Terraces on Memorial community - Gate code 7614

I can't wait to get started with my job, but there are a few things you can do, as parents, to help your children get the absolute best experience when they're here:

  • Do your best to have your child here for each lab on time. Although there is no official attendance policy (I understand that sickness* and other things come up!), missing a class means missing a project, and I would love to have everyone's full portfolio there for the final art gallery show!
    *If your child IS sick, please don't send him or her sick, as we have some immunosuppressed people living in my house. I’m always happy to get together for a make-up time!

    Just for me, if you must miss a class, please let me know with as much advance notice as possible, so I'll be able to keep that in mind when I'm preparing for the next project.

  • Be sure to pack a snack and drink for your child. Art is hard work, and we'll want to take a short break!

    I only ask that you DO NOT PACK PEANUTS or a snack containing peanuts for your child.

  • I know with my own daughter, it's sometimes like pulling teeth to get feedback from her about classes she takes, even when it's obvious she loved them! Some pointed questions you might try to get information out of your kids are, “What did you like best about what you did today?” “Do you think you might want to try that again?” “How did that medium feel?”
    And just a quick tip that works especially well with artists from creative toddlers to experienced adult artists: Instead of asking, “What's that” try, “Tell me about it!” Nothing gets an artist more excited than when someone asks them to tell the story of their art!
    (And if they tell you anything particularly interesting, I would LOVE to hear about what they say, too! Their feedback is helpful, and it makes my heart so happy!)

  • Be sure to dress your child in mess-okay clothing! Some days they’ll come home pristine, and some days, there’s no way for them NOT to get messy!

  • Please keep in mind that the main projects will be staying with me until the final gallery, but I'll try to take photos whenever I can! I love being able to share the kids in action at the final gallery show, and it’s great for me, too, when I can use fun pictures to show what I do!
    For this to be a possibility, I'll need to ensure I have photography permission slips (below) on hand for each child.

  • You are always welcome in the art lab, so feel free to come in after class to see what your child has been up to!

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I have read and understand all of the information provided

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Photography Permission Slip

Our class will be using many different mediums and trying lots of new things this year, and I would love to be able to share your child's experiences with you via photography! By signing below, you are giving permission for me to photograph your child during art lab and share those photos for your use.

In addition, if I get a particularly wonderful photograph, I would love to be able to use it to share what I do in this class on my blog. I will always favor photographs that don't make it obvious who the child is, and I will never publish your child's name in conjunction with a photograph or otherwise.