The Roaring Artist was born of the idea that art is an idea, and any woman can have it.  Any woman can own art, revel in art, love art, BE art!

And throughout all the changes The Roaring Artist has gone through- changes in specialty and even changes in location, that has never changed!  The Roaring Artist is about empowering women- just like everything else I do!

Of course, I hope you'll partake in my art, whether you're a new mommy trying to find her beauty in the midst of the diaper changes and yoga pants or a new bride who wants to celebrate with a boudoir session for her new groom! (I think you'll find that the experience is really a gift for yourself!)

But even more important is to inspire you to see- and yourself!- in a different way!

"Photography was my first real passion." -- I like to say that I wasn't born with a camera in my hand, but I was born with art in my heart.  And when I got my first camera, it all came together.  --  Although I enjoy a little of everything- children and families and even a wedding every now and then, my favorite subjects are women.  Women who think they're 'everyday' and 'ordinary.' Women who have no idea how fascinating and beautiful they are. -- My work has a dramatic, ethereal flair that sets it apart from other photographers, and I want nothing more than to show you all of the beautiful things I see!  If what you're looking for is ART, then I'm your girl.

If you've known me a while, you might know that there used to be more branches of The Roaring Artist. 

I added graphic design early on, but in March 2016, I made a change.  If you're a creative entrepreneur (or if you're just curious or a brand geek like me!), I encourage you to head on over to The Roaring Brand and see what that's about!

You might also have noticed there is no longer a photography blog!

If you knew that existed, you probably also know I never updated it.  In looking for my block there, I realized that the reason I didn't want to share my work was because that work was created for the amazing women in my photographs- not for the world!  I share some of my work in my portfolio gallery, of course, but the majority of my work is for just for my client and whomever she wants to share it with.

I DO, however, still have a blog!  Only now, it's a personal blog, full of all of the details that make up my zany life! So if you want to follow along with the life of a homeschooling, fashion-loving, crazy artist who can't seem to stay in one place, I would love to have you! 

Something that did NOT change is my art!

While I was creating work for a gallery show (Women of Heart, to be specific) using some alternative printing processes to bond my work to canvas, I thought, "How far can I go with this?"  I kept my eyes peeled, and when my aunt introduced me to polymer clay, I had my medium!  I started a line of mixed media jewelry, and I've since expanded into doing, well, whatever I feel like! That's what art is all about!