I like: 

1. Sushi, pasta, second-hand stores, art deco, and vintage film cameras. 

2. Sweets... a LOT. 

3. People- their stories and all the beautiful things I see in them.

I once:

4. Rode a mechanical bull... less than 3 weeks after giving birth. 

5. Tried to get rid of my Southern accent... it worked.... mostly.  

6. Quit a decent, steady job to go back to photography school and pursue my dreams.

7. Was a preacher's kid in a tiny, Southern, Baptist church. 

I love about my job: 

8. Photography- The actual ACT of taking pictures.  That millisecond where my model breathes in and out and relaxes her lower lip and her left hand, the wind ruffles her hair and the trees, and BAM! That's the shot! I saw it.  I CAUGHT it.  And that feels really special. 

9. Branding- I have a lot of big beliefs about branding and how it can change and build creative industries.  I feel very honored to be a part of that and to be able to help creative businesswomen.  They're already awesome when they come to me.  I just help them find a way to get in touch with their awesome and express that to the world. (And if you're a creative businesswoman who is reading that and thinking, "I want to do that!!, you'll want to go HERE!)

10. Everything- Working with women.  My biggest ah-ha moment in my work was realizing that as much as I love photography and branding and teaching and all of the things I do, my greatest passion and the talent God has blessed me with is empowering women.  If it were all taken away tomorrow, I would still find a way to do that.  

 I am:

11. A pescatarian.

12. Short. Very short.

13. Homeschooling mommy to THE most awesome little girl EVER, Ana Gray (who inherited my raging sweet tooth) and wife to Chris who keeps me laughing and yelling and feeling supported and loved. 

14. A Christian, an artist inspired by the original creator.

15. Your new fun, quirky, artsy friend... If you're nice ;)

**Photos by the amazing Jennie Crate and Savannah Chandler... and me :)