I love: 

1.   Sushi, fossils, vintage film cameras, and ART! (Not just my own! I collect art everywhere I go!) 

2.  Teaching art, especially to kids!  But sometimes I even get to teach other moms.

3.  People- their stories and all the beautiful things I see in them.

4.  Seeing my art on the wall, especially in galleries!  The gallery bug bit me in art school, and it never really let go!

I once:

5.  Rode a mechanical bull... less than 3 weeks after giving birth. 

6.  Quit a decent, steady job to go back to school- ART school. 

7.  Was a preacher's kid in a tiny Baptist church in the Bible Belt. 

You'll find me:

8.  At the science museum, probably in the Hall of Ancient Egypt or the Hall of Paleontology.

9.  Teaching in my daughter's home school co-op or in my own art classes.

10.  In my home studio, painting or experimenting with my latest art medium

I am:

11.  A pescatarian.

12.  Short. Very short.

13.  Mommy to THE most awesome little girl EVER, Ana Gray (who inherited my raging sweet tooth) and wife to Chris who keeps me laughing and yelling and feeling supported and loved. 

14.  A Christian, an artist inspired by the original creator.

15.  Your new fun, quirky, artsy friend... If you're nice ;)

**Photos by the amazing Jennie Crate and Savannah Chandler... and me :)