A native of the Florida panhandle, Katie has left a piece of her heart everywhere she has lived- St Augustine, FL, West Virginia, Philadelphia, Denver, and most recently, Houston, Texas.
Katie completed her business degree at the University of Florida and, after a year in a high rise in Philadelphia, she followed her heart to an art degree at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Although focused in photography, she drank in lessons in color theory, drawing, design, art history, art psychology, and the elements of photography that she still sees pop up in her art.
After a successful career start in fine art portrait photography and branding design for other creatives, Katie once again followed her heart into mixed media art, starting with a jewelry line and eventually settling into her current practice of abstract art on canvas, paper, and silk.
Over the past 10 years, Katie’s work has shown at the Sketch Club in Philadelphia, Gallery 13 in Asbury Park, NJ, Core Art Space and Kanon Collective in Denver, CO. Most recently, Katie’s first solo show, Connections, was displayed in Houston, Tx. She has also currated the pop-up gallery, Women of Heart, in Philadelphia, PA as well as events for the Denver Photo Betties, a group she founded in 2013.

Artist Statement

Life is full of textures and emotions and colors and movement- strings of human experience linking us to each other, to moments behind us, to the Creator. In art and in life, I am mad about texture, a student of emotions, forever fascinated with the colors that mix on my canvas, and entranced by how movement can be frozen in a brush stroke. Working intuitively, my art feels like exploration almost more than creation, as though I am tugging on those strings to see the world each piece wants to become. My hope is that my viewer will feel those strings connecting to her, as well, and allow herself to get caught up in them, as I have.

I am a mixed media artist. I get to delight in the wayward words that show up in the ephemera I use as I cover and uncover them and the textures of the beads, stones, mica, and other materials that drape, glitter, and pull away from the canvas in organic ways.

I enjoy working on small scale pieces, where your eyes are able to see the whole all at once before taking apart the pieces, internalizing the details. Not all of my work is small, but each piece is full of small details, its own little world on a canvas.