Art discovery Lab - Spring 2017
tentative schedule


Week 1 – January 23rd (Rescheduled due to snow!)

Warm-up: Create journal cover

Medium/Technique to cover: Using texture in paint for movement, Keith Haring dancers


Week 2 – February 6th (Rescheduled due to medical emergency)

Warm-up: Continuous Line Exercise

Medium/Technique to cover: Block printing using polystyrene



Week 1 – February 13th

Warm-up: Small Polymer Clay creations

Medium/Technique to cover: Air dry clay creations


Week 2 – February 27th

Warm-up: Yarn Relief

Medium/Technique to cover: Moving Art – Chihuly-inspired Mobiles (and Clay creation painting, as we take turns with the heat gun)
NOTE- This week will include use of a heat gun. I'll be working with the kids to keep it safe! But if you feel like you want to be there for this, I would love a couple of helpers this week!



Week 1 – March 6th

Warm-up: Fingertip painting

Medium/Technique to cover: Gyotaku Prints (Tentative date, as I'm planning a Skype interview with a Gyotaku artist, pending his availability.)


Week 2 – March 27th

Warm-up: A new hairdo

Medium/Technique to cover: Eraser Drawings



Week 1 – April 10th

Warm-up: Magazine Landscape

Medium/Technique to cover: Alternative Printing Methods


Week 2 – April 24th

Warm-up: Collage planning

Medium/Technique to cover: Collage from the printed materials the kids made last week (This week will involve a good bit of cutting.)



Week 1 – May 8th

Warm-up: Styrafoam Cup Sculpture – Working with light and shadows

Medium/Technique to cover: Mixed Media sculpture creation
NOTE- This week will involve a good bit of cutting and maneuvering wires and such.  I would love some help this week if anyone would like to volunteer!


Week 2 – May 22nd

No warm-up this week, as we'll use all of our time to finish up any projects that need some finishing touches.

Medium/Technique to cover: Mixed Media sculpture paint and finishing touches


May 27th Gallery Show

3:00 – 5:00 at Energy Dance Center
Upstairs at Memorial Indoor Sports
1322 South Dairy Ashford Rd.
Houston, TX 77077